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Course Materials

Fall 2006

Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems (AMM&NS)

MIT 3.205
Thermodynamics & Kinetics of Materials

Faculty: Prof Eagar, Prof Thompson

MIT 3.206
Introduction to Materials Engineering Practice
Faculty: Prof Fitzgerald

MIT 3.225
Electronic & Mechanical Properties of Materials
Faculty: Prof Fitzgerald, Prof Gibson

MIT 3.44
Materials Processing for Micro & Nano Systems
Faculty: Prof Thompson

MIT 3.57 / ESD.73
Materials Selection, Design, Economics
Faculty: Prof Field, Prof Kirchain

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPE)

MIT 10.40
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Faculty: Prof Tester, Prof Trout, Prof Blankschtein, Prof Hatton

MIT 10.50
Analysis of Transport Phenomena
Faculty: Prof Deen, Prof Doyle

MIT 10.34
Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering
Faculty: Prof Green

Computational Engineering (CE)

MIT 6.336, 2.096, 16.910
Introduction to Numerical Simulation
Faculty: Prof White, Prof Peraire, Prof Patera, Prof Daniel, Prof Lim

MIT 16.920, 2.097, 6.339
Numerical Methods for PDE's
Faculty: Prof Peraire, Prof Patera, Prof White, Prof Boo

MIT 15.093, 2.098
Optimization Methods
Faculty: Prof Parrilo, Prof Sun, Prof Sim, Prof Natarajan

MIT 18.335, 6.337
Introduction to Numerical Methods
Faculty: Prof. Persson
TA: Daniel Tam

Distinguished Speaker Series in Computation for Design and Optimization
Faculty: Prof. Peraire

Particle Methods and Molecular Dynamics
Faculty: Prof Wang Jian-Sheng, Assoc Prof Chen Yu Zong, Assoc Prof Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou

Computation and Systems Biology(CSB)

MIT 2.996 / BE.949
Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Biology and Medicine
Faculty: Prof So, Prof Sheppard

Manufacturing Systems and Technology (MST)

MIT 2.810
Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Faculty: Prof Gutowski

MIT 2.853/2.854
Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
Faculty: Dr Gershwin

MIT 2.96/2.961
Management in Engineering
Faculty: Prof Chun, Prof D'Arbeloff

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