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Course Materials

Summer 2007

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPE)

Chemical Reactor Engineering
Instructors: Assoc Prof Bernhardt L. Trout, Asst Prof Saif A Khan, Prof Mark Saeys
TA: Jie Chen

Systems Engineering
Instructors: Prof Alan Hatton, Asst Prof Rudiyanto Gunawan, Dr Robert Fischer, Dr Alexander Mitsos

Computational Engineering (CE)

CME 5231
Computing Technology and Tools
Instructors: Prof Karthik Balkrishnan Natarajan, Prof Jacob K White
TAs: Dominic Denver John Chandar, Huynh Le Ngoc Thanh

CME 5232
Cluster and Grid Computing Technologies for Scientific Computing
Instructors: Murali Damodaran, Alan Edelman, WANG Jian-Sheng
TAs: Dominic Denver John Chandar, Huynh Le Ngoc Thanh

CME 5238
Computational Linear Algebra
Instructors: Toh Kim Chuan, Alan Edelman, ONG Chong Jin, Jacob K White

Manufactoring Systems and Technology (MST)

MST 6328
Product Design and Development
Instructors: Prof Tor Shu Beng

Computation and Systems Biology (CSB)

SMA 5301
Perspectives of Biological Engineering
Instructors: Sourav S Bhowmick, Jianzhu Chen, C Forbes Dewey Jr, Paul Matsudaira, Jagath C Rajapakse, Peter T C So, Subra Suresh, Roy E Welsch, Jacob K White
TAs: Caitlin Bever, Huangming Xie, Grace Zheng

Advanced Materials for Micro-and Nano-Systems (AMMNS)

AMN 5120
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Device Physics
Instructors: Profs Wee Kiong Choi, Gan Chee Lip, Zhang Qing
TAs: C Zhang Huijuan






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