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Course Materials

Spring 2006

Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems (AMM&NS)

MIT 3.46
Photonic Materials and Devices
Faculty: Prof. Kimerling

MIT 3.48
Materials and Processes for Microelectromechanical Devices
Faculty: Prof. Thompson, Prof. Wardle

MIT 3.207
Technology Development and Evaluation
Faculty: Prof. Fitzgerald

Compound Semiconductor Devices
Faculty: Prof. Chua Soo Jin, Prof. Yoon Soon Fatt

Computational Engineering (CE)

CDO Distinguished Speakers Series
Faculty: Prof. Peraire

Computation and Systems Biology(CSB)

MIT 15.076/15.077
Statistical Learning & Data Mining
Faculty: Prof. Welsch

Manufacturing Systems and Technology (MST)

MIT 15.762, 15.763, 1.269J, ESD.269J
Manufacturing Systems II: System Design and Optimisation
Faculty: Prof. Graves, Prof. Simchi-Levi, Prof. Bhatnagar, Prof. Sivakumar

MIT 2.830j, 6.780j, ESD.63j
Manufacturing Physics III: Process Optimisation and Control
Faculty: Prof. Hardt, Prof. Boning, Prof. I-Ming Chen

Product Design and Development
Faculty: Prof. Tor Shu Beng, Assoc. Prof Loh Han Tong
TA: Loke Yew Weng Gabriel

MIT 2.997
Professional Seminar in Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Faculty: Prof. Hardt, Prof. Gershwin

Computer Science (CS)

SMA 5505
Applied Parallel Computing
Faculty: Prof. Edelman, Prof. Hsu Wen Jing
TA: Fang Hui, He Yuxiong

SMA 5507
Advanced Graphics
Faculty: Prof. Popovic, Prof. Durand, Assoc Prof. Teh Hung Chuan, Asst. Prof. Huang Zhiyong

SMA 5508
Pervasive Computing
Faculty: Dr. Rudolph, Assoc Prof. Cham Tat Jen
TA: Ning Song

Molecular Engineering of Biological and Chemical Systems (MEBCS)

SMA 5421
Nanostructured Catalysts Design & Organic Synthesis
Faculty: Prof. Ying, Asst. Prof. Valiyaveettil
TA: Cindy Ren

SMA 5422
Special Topics in Biotechnology
Faculty: Prof. Stephanopoulos, Adrian Andrew Fay

SMA 5423
Bioprocess Engineering
Faculty: Prof. Yap, Assoc. Prof. Wang
TA: Vincent Vagenende

SMA 5499
MEBCS Speaker Series
Faculty: Prof. Stephanopoulos

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