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Past Richard C. Lord Lectures

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2010 Wolfgang Ketterle (MIT)
Quantum magnetism of ultracold atoms (Poster available)
2009 Michael Feld (MIT)
Five easy physics pieces: from basic laser science to biomedicine
2008 Midred Dresselhaus (MIT)
Raman spectroscopy of nanotubes and other nano-carbon systems (Poster available)
2007 Graham Fleming (University of California, Berkeley)
Two-dimensional ultrafast electronic spectroscopy
2006 John Hall (JILA)
Optical clocks, combs and coherence: Defining and measuring optical frequency (MP3 recording of the lecture)
2005 Robert W. Field (MIT)
Just small enough
2004 Watt Webb (Cornell University)
Spectroscopies as Biophysical Tools from MilliHz to ExaHz
2003 Britton Chance (University of Pennsylvania)
Novel Optical Methods For Brain Function and Cancer Detection
2002 Norman F. Ramsey (Harvard University)
Invention of oscillatory fields method and its application in the hydrogen maser and other atomic clocks
2001 Steven Chu (Stanford University)
Development of optical trapping techniques including optical tweezers
2000 Daniel Kleppner (MIT)
Contributions to atomic physics and Bose-Einstein condensation of hydrogen
1999 Theodor Hansch (Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics)
Development of novel technologies for accurate frequency measurement of atomic clocks
1998 William Phillips (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Development of methods to cool and trap atoms with lasers
1997 William Klemperer (Harvard University)
Contributions to understanding intramolecular dynamics and interactions with high frequency resolution spectroscopic techniques
1996 Carl Lineberger (Univeristy of Colorado & JILA)
Pioneer in laser-based spectroscopic techniques to study the structure and reactivity of gas-phase ions
1995 Richard Zare (Stanford University)
Contributions to understanding chemical reactions using laser spectroscopy to monitor state-to-state dynamics
1994 Charles Townes (University of California, Berkeley)
Invention of the maser and laser and pioneering work in microwave spectroscopy
1993 Alexander Pines (University of California, Berkeley)
Pioneering research in NMR theory and experiment and it application to chemistry and material science
1992 Takeshi Oka (University of Chicago)
Contributions in the fields of double-resonance and multiphoton spectroscopy and the spectroscopy of interstellar molecules