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Member Information

Weather Cancellation

In case of snow or inclement weather, members will be notified of any cancellation by email as early as possible on rehearsal day. We will also post at this link any updates about uncertainties about the weather, e.g, if we decide that nasty weather is not bad enough to cause a cancellation, we'll confirm the rehearsal will be held. Please, however, always use your own good judgment regarding whether or not travel is safe for you on rehearsal night.  


Study Aids



  • Virtual Piano Keyboard


  • Increasing your musicianship via ear training:

    Free download for various computer types


    Google Play


  • The importance of consonants while singing

    Luciano Pavarotti

    Jessye Norman

    Monserrat Caballe

    Stephanie Blythe


  • Interval training

    Musical Intervals Tutor

    A very useful  general resource, for  training your ears to hear the intervals between notes (that is, the differences in pitches between the notes).

    It lets you see notation of intervals and hear them and test yourself. The site also offers mnemonics for remembering intervals,  beyond those that Kevin has already mentioned--you may find one that works well for you in the list.  Don't forget to "click to hear other intervals" once you've absorbed the intervals that start with middle C.


    For Mac owners, there is also a free program available that presents some of the same, and a useful quiz, in a different format:



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