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Welcome to the Women's Technology Program in Mechanical Engineering!

The WTP in ME is a four-week residential summer program in the MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering to introduce high school girls to the basic principles and ideas of mechanical engineering in the summer after 11th grade. It was created in the summer of 2006 and modeled after the WTP in EECS.

Classes taught by graduate students in the MIT ME department provide an in-depth study of many of the subject areas used by mechanical engineers, such as fluid mechanics, materials, statics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, and engineering design. Hands-on work is combined with analytical calculations and the use of computer codes for numerical modeling and computer aided design.

20 participants are selected each year from a nationwide applicant pool of 11th grade applicants who have demonstrated outstanding academic talent in math and science. No prior experience in physics or engineering is required, but we do expect students to be able to handle college-level material at a rapid pace.