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Message to Sponsors and Supporters:

The Mechanical Engineering track of WTP will return to a residential program in 2024, housing the students and staff in the MIT dorms. We also hope to again offer a 2-week program to a group of students from St Paul's Convent school in Hong Kong.

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) track of the Women's Technology Program will be taking a hiatus and has not been offered since 2022.

Each year the Women's Technology Program must generate significant funding to continue. WTP would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors



Why we need your help

Costs of running WTP have increased significantly over the past several years, and we have had to return to charging a fee to students who can afford it. We would greatly prefer to return to the policy started during the two virutal WTP programs and continued in the summer of 2023 in person, non-residential program of offering WTP to be FREE to all high school students who attend.

Gifts and grants of all sizes are most welcome! Here are some ways you can become a contributor:

Individual Donors

Click on the link at the top of this page to support the Women's Technology Program through a designated gift to WTP-ME.

Corporations and Foundations

The Women's Technology Program welcomes funding from corporations and foundations. Representatives from sponsoring organizations are invited to our final banquet to meet the students, and engineers from sponsor companies often participate as guest speakers.

To learn more, contact: Barbara Hughey , WTP Director, at wtp@mit.edu.

Thank you for helping us continue this important outreach to inspire future engineers and computer scientists!