Cutting-edge research in experimental and theoretical quantum computation.

Open Post-Doc Position

We're looking to hire an experimental post-doc to work on trapped ion experiments at MIT! Please get in touch (ichuang_[at], john.chiaverini_[at] to learn more.

Research Focus

We're fascinated by the intersection of quantum computing theory and application, and we're always trying to find out what's next. Under the guidance of Prof. Isaac Chuang on the theory side, with experimental efforts led by Prof. Chuang and Dr. John Chiaverini, we work to improve trapped-ion quantum computers, applying theory from quantum signal processing to error correction to machine learning. We also look for ways to combine atomic physics and engineering to push the abilities of quantum information processors.

We're a team of experimentalists, engineers, and theorists differentiated by our broad interests but connected by a common thread of curiosity and creativity.

Recent Work

On the experimental side, we have recently built two cryogenic vacuum systems for performing trapped-ion experiments with metastable qubits, which offer a flexible platform for achieving high-fidelity quantum gates. We're also exploring the collection of photons from individual ions using on-chip optics with a goal of exploring the benefits of producing photon-mediated entanglement this way, and we are considering methods to utilize the quantum oscillator modes of trapped ions in order to enable novel quantum sensing and computing protocols. These projects take advantage of our strong collaboration with the trapped ion team at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, enabled via MIT's Center for Quantum Engineering. Check out our research page for more details!

On the theory side, we always have an ear to the ground for simplicity, whether in our development of novel instantiations for the algorithmic primitive of quantum signal processing, our explorations of continuous variable quantum computing, or fundamental work in quantum information. Theory is often motivated by the intuition and resource constraints of experiment; we continue to look toward applying the techniques or engineering, sensing, or adversarial models to theoretical results to motivate new and useful subfields in quantum information.

Get Involved

Talk quantum to us! We're always interested to hear about ideas from our colleagues in related fields. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions, comments or suggestions.

You can find our personal info on the people page! If you're interested in joining our group, drop us a line through our contact page, and we'll be happy to answer questions and guide prospective collaborators through the application process.

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Experiment: follow our process in constructing an ion trap quantum computer!

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Theory: we're working to design (and prove properties of) novel quantum algorithms necessary for carrying quantum computing through the near-term.

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Outreach: check out our new introduction video for students interested in experimental research.

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