Mohammad Javad Khojasteh

I am a postdoctoral associate with Wireless Information and Network Sciences Laboratory (WINS Lab) and Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems (LIDS) at MIT, working with Prof. Moe Win. From Jan 2020 to Oct 2020, I was a postdoctoral scholar at Caltech, and a visitor at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I worked with Team CoSTAR. I did my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Control) at UC San Diego. My advisor was Prof. Massimo Franceschetti. During my Ph.D. I also collaborated closely with Prof. Jorge Cortés, Prof. Tara Javidi, and Prof. Nikolay Atanasov. Before joining UCSD, I got two bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at Sharif University of Technology.

Research Interests:

My research spans several different areas involving both classical and quantum systems.

  • In the case of classical systems, my research goal is to develop scientific principles for cyber-physical systems and autonomous robot systems aimed at increasing the efficiency, safety, and security of these systems. I work on machine learning for dynamics and control.

  • In the case of quantum systems, my research goal is to advance the fundamental knowledge of transformative technologies that exploit the unique resources of quantum mechanics. I work on data-driven control of quantum systems.

The fields relevant to my research are control theory, machine learning, robotics, quantum mechanics, optimization theory, and communication/information theory.

Media Coverage:

Between Two Universes, written by Raleigh McElvery, MIT News and LIDS/All Magazine: Profiles my research at MIT.

Email:, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Twitter.