General Mars
  Implications of Life

  Definition of Life
  Martian Meteorite

Data Analysis
  Thin Section Analysis
  Isotope Analysis
  Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
  Infrared Spectroscopy
  Alpha-Proton X-Ray Spectrometer
  Detection of Carbon Complexes
  Labeled Release
  Gas Exchange
  Pyrolytic Release
  Stimulus Response Experiments

Scientific Research and Design
Data Analysis

The best lesson that we can learn from ALH84001 is to examine data with false-positives in mind. All other accountabilities for the evidence we find must be entirely ruled out before we can declare or even infer that we have found signs of life. With this in mind, our data analysis has been geared to examine what we think a positive data signal would look like, what a clear negative signal would look like, and any possible false-positives that might trip us up.

A list of experiments, possible results from each, and possible false positives:

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