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Data Analysis
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  Stimulus Response Experiments

Scientific Research and Design
Data Analysis - Thin Section Analysis

This experiment, or type of sample preparation, gives us a window into a rock sample. We will examine with microscope the tiniest features of the rock in search for fossilized life. 

Positive: Shows one or more of the characteristics outlined in Schopf's 1999 definition of a fossil.

Negative: No interesting or fossil-like features found. Sample tossed aside. 

False-Positive: Minerals or water products giving the illusion of a fossil structure. As any indication will be closely analyzed, any such false-positives would be quickly detected by other experiments and examinations. This is used not as an absolute but as a guidance for further study. THerefore a false-positivie is not as great a concern as ity will be negated through further observation.

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