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Legal & Political Aspects

The following are the teams findings as they pertain to the legal and political aspects of Amazon project.  For the basis of a case study the information focuses in on Brazilian laws and politics.

Amazonian States - These are the states of Brazil that contain parts of the Amazon rain forest.  The information found here pertains to their political representation, demographics and general political attributes.  Some economic feature are mentioned because of their importance to the political structure and possible effect on the environment.

Basics of Brazil - A page that contains just the general information.  Probably well known by most people, but good to have written down none the less.  Includes such information as demographics, branches of government, political parties, etc.

Population Distribution - Basic information about the people living in the different regions.  Population is currently broken down based on sex and age.

Indigenous Peoples - The indigenous people will certainly play an integral role in any venture into the Amazon.  Therefore this page is provided to spell out basic information pertaining to said group.  As of current, the information pertains mostly to their legal rights (constitutional rights) and land. 

Constitution - Basically a copy of the constitution current as of 1998.  Parts of interest are bookmarked at the top and a different color.  This is mostly used as a reference to other pages that may mention constitutional legality issues.

Detrimental Laws - This is a quick listing of laws that have a negative effect on the Brazilian territory of the Amazon Forrest.  Most of these laws were intended to improve the economic situation but ended up having negative effects.

Presidential Agenda -  With Brazil electing a new president in the previous election there is a potential for drastic chance.  This is a basic breakdown of the new president's political agenda and his platform for the campaign.

Environmental laws - There are various laws that will effect a project in the Amazon.  This is a quick list of such laws that will most likely pertain to our project and how they will pertain.

Regulatory laws - Here is a basic run down of laws that will pertain to our legality of our presence in Brazil.  Basically, this covers what legal issues a team would need to deal with if they wished to go into the Amazon.

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