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bulletBorschow, Alexander
bulletDiduch, Tara (Tess)
bulletFabyanske, Jordan
bulletLuczynska, Marta
bulletMiler, Josef
bulletReichert, William
bulletTang Wing Hei, Iris

Borschow, Alexander

Data Management

Alex's main research emphasis is on data management.  His task is to find the best data management system that fits the projected needs of mission 2006.  In addition, Alex has been focusing on various aspects of Brazilian politics that we as a team have come across.

E-mail:  alexlb@mit.edu

Member web page:  alexlb

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Diduch, Tara (Tess)

Legal & Political


E-mail:  diduch@mit.edu

Member web page:  diduch

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Fabyanske, Jordan

Legal & Political

Jordan's work has recently been focused on Brazilian political policies.  In specific, Jordan is finding those policies that most directly effect the Amazon and would thus possibly hamper the success of mission 2006.

E-mail:  jfabes@mit.edu

Member web page:  jfabes

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Luczynaska, Marta

Data Management, Legal & Political


Initially, Marta worked with Alex on the choosing of a data management method.  With the majority of that work now in its final phases she has since switched to an emphasis on the legal and political aspects of the mission.  Her current focus is on the legality aspects of a project in the Amazon.

E-mail:  mluczyns@mit.edu

Member web page:  mluczyns

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Miler, Josef

Public Relations

  Josef has created a general framework for understanding public relations for our complex conservation plan. As the group progresses, Josef is becoming more and more interested in "conservation solutions".

E-mail:  jmiler@mit.edu

Member web page:  jmiler

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Reichert, William

Legal & Political


William's focus has been on two aspects of team 1.  As for research, he is focused on the legal and political aspects of mission 2006.  In specific, he is working on the general political demographics of the Amazon region in order to find the major political influences.  In addition, Will is working on the teams web page and integrating it with the forthcoming Mission 2006 web page.

E-mail:  willr3@mit.edu

Member web page:  willr3

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Tang Wing Hei, Iris

Public Relations



E-mail:  wingheit@mit.edu

Member web page:  wingheit

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