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Mission 2009


Mission 2009, also known as 12.000: Solving Complex Problems, is a freshman class at MIT in which students work in groups to come up with solutions to particularly difficult problems. In light of the December 26th, 2004 Sumatran tsunami and other recent natural disasters, this year’s topic focuses on solving problems related to tsunamis. These issues involve detecting and warning of tsunamis, planning emergency responses, and organizing long-term efforts to minimize the damage associated with tsunamis.




Team 5


Team 5, Earthquake and Tsunami monitoring, is working towards creating effective monitoring systems to detect earthquakes and other causes of tsunami development, such as underwater landslides.


Our official goal is to design sensor networks to detect earthquakes and tsunamis.


-- Earthquake sensors should collect data to allow the determination of whether the earthquake

will cause a tsunami(s) and determine which areas are at immediate risk. 


-- Tsunami sensors should determine the size, track, and rate of travel of a tsunami(s), and help

determine which areas are at immediate risk.


To accomplish these goals, we have come up with plans for the following areas:


-- Techniques to monitor sea morphology changes

-- Tsunami formation and sensor placement

-- Tsunami detection systems

-- Detection algorithms

-- Communications network

-- Sensor deployment methods

These plans are summarized in our Proposal, and can be read about individually through the links on the side of the page.



Team Members and Contact Information


Team members:


-- Alan Foreman

-- Nasly Jimenez

-- LeVon Thomas

-- Gabriel Torres

-- Kristin Uhmeyer

-- Christopher Whitfield


Undergraduate Teaching Fellows:


-- Noelle Steber

-- Andy Wickert


Contact: tsunami5@mit.edu



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