Team 7: Insurance

Mission 2010: Can we save New Orleans?

Our Mission:

Post-Hurricane Katrina, people who lost homes were left with financial burdens. Many people had no insurance and those who did received little from insurance companies due to technicalities and convoluted insurance policies. Damage to homes and other buildings in New Orleans were compounded by lack of enforcement of building codes. We are currently studying insurance costs for Gulf Coast and other coastal US cities, ambiguities in covered damages, government involvement, and building codes in order to minimize future damage in catastrophe.



Our Goals:

1. Assess areas that should and should not be rebuilt after the construction of levees


2. Make insurance mandatory in high risk areas  


3. Create a plan for government and insurance groups to enforce building codes through incentives


4. Create insurance and tax incentives for business


5. Establish new building codes to minimize future damage to buildings


6. Review and revise insurance policy and building codes based on new building technologies which can better protect against hurricanes and flooding


7. Build government subsidized housing to help people rebuild their lives in New Orleans


8. Make insurance policies more accessible and understandable for the public


9. Create a Coastal Congressional Committee (CCC)

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Team Members:

Jayanthi Jayapumar

Warren Chan

Sabina Khan

Jean Li


Last Updated: 11/18/06