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Relationship Between Mission 2011 (MIT subject 12.000)
and Terrascope freshman program
The destruction of our oceans is accelerating exponentially. Can we save them?

12.000 - "Solving Complex Problems" is a 9 unit subject that only freshmen can participate in. Mission 2011 is also part of the Terrascope freshman program, an educational component of MIT's Earth System Initiative. You may take Mission 2011 without committing to the year long Terrascope program. However, by enrolling in 12.000 you become part of the Terrascope program and community, even if you do not continue in the Spring.  The Terrascope affiliation allows you to join students and faculty at weekly luncheons where guest speakers discuss their current research. You will also have access to the Program’s facilities including a dedicated classroom/study space, kitchen, and lounge. Terrascope also offers a number of opportunities for undergraduate research (UROP).  This structure allows students who feel unable to commit to a two-semester program to still benefit from the project-based learning environment of Solving Complex Problems and to experience the Terrascope community for the fall. Prospective students wanting to learn more about the Terrascope program should visit the program web site.

Question: Can you be in another first year learning community, such as Concourse, ESG, or MAS and still be in Mission 2011?

Answer: Yes.
Students interested in exploring their options are encouraged to check out freshman learning communities including Concourse, ESG, and MAS. If your schedule allows, and the other program agrees, you can participate. Concourse students typically finish with classes by 3pm, and 12.000 is normally 3-4pm MWF.