18.337 Parallel Scientific Computing

Spring, 1995

Prof. Alan Edelman

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  1. Introduction to Parallel Computing / Spectral Partitioning
  2. High Performance Fortran
  3. The Intel Pentium Bug -- The Technical Details
  4. Dense Matrix Methods
  5. N-Body Simulations
  6. Guest lecture: Norm Margolis Cellular Automata
  7. The Multipole Algorithm I and II
  8. The Multipole Algorithm
  9. Hypercube Algorithms
  10. Architectures and Programming Styles -- All You Really Need to Know
  11. Parallel Prefix
  12. Domain Decomposition
  13. Domain Decomposition II
  14. Domain Decomposition III
  15. Student Midterm Project: 10 min presentations
  16. FFT, Strassen
  17. Sparse Matrix Methods
  18. Guest lecture: Arvind
  19. Geometric Mesh Partitioning
  20. Mesh Generation
  21. The Pentium Bug revisited
  22. Guest lecture: Gerard Vichniac (Mercury)
  23. Student Final Project: 20 min presentations from each group
  24. Student Final Project: 20 min presentations from each group


  1. Introduction to HPF/CMF: A Dynamical System
  2. Data Parallelism: Grid of Resistors

  3. The Multipole Algorithm

  4. Midterm Project: Reporting on a Tool

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