Moss Piglets Concept Implementation

Space Crisis; Who's driving this thing?

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The theme of Moss Piglets is Space Crisis! Imagine the navigation system of your spacecraft is malfunctioned and you only have 3 minutes to correct it otherwise you will start a 9 year journey to pluto instead of returning to earth in 3 days.


Players enter escape pod.


The stabilizer has malfunctioned! "Window" screen shows worlds spinning by.


Players realize they can balance out the stabilizer with their weight

What's this?

A light shines from the center.


This illuminates "stars" on the ceiling light sensors are switched when hit. Must be hit in order.

Move to Guide

Players move on stabilizer to navigate and hit all the stars.

Stabilizer Spins

To increase difficulty, the stabilizer rotates.

Now Really Move

Players have to actively move to navigate to final stars.


Success! Landed on the beach!

Based on this storyboard, we designed a 12' by 12' room with one enter and one exit doors. The target stars are mounted on wires/net on the cieling of the room. The walls of the room are painted black based on the feedback that we received from the client. Here, we show the compuetr aided drawn prespectives of the room. Based on this model, we build the 1:11.5 scale model.

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