Homework is due by 1 pm on the day designated on syllabus. Homework should be placed in your recitation's slotted box in room 4-273. Late problem sets are not accepted but adjustments for missed homework resulting from excused absences will be made in the final grade. Your teaching assistant should be informed if you are ill or experience other catastrophes. Answers are posted on the 5.112 web site.   Complete solutions that are not in the solutions manual are posted on the bulletin board outside of the Chemistry Education Office in 2-204 at 3 pm on the due date and will remain posted for one week.  Homework is graded and returned by the TA.   Archival copies of problem sets are available in 4-273, the room to the right of 2-204.

The periodic table in your textbook does not have enough significant figures. You should use the periodic table posted here.

Problem sets have been removed from the website

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