Syllabus and Lecture Notes

Lecture Date Topic Lecturer
1 Wed. Sept. 8 Evolution of atomic theory, discovery of electron S. Ceyer (SC)
2 Fri. Sept. 10 Discovery of nucleus, need for quantum mechanics SC
3 Mon. Sept. 13 Wave-particle duality of light, photoelectric effect SC
4 Wed. Sept. 15 Wave-particle duality of matter SC
5 Fri. Sept. 17 ave equation, H atom energy levels SC
6 Mon. Sept. 20 Wave functions for H atom SC
7 Wed. Sept. 22 Physical significance of wave functions SC
8 Fri. Sept. 24 Wave functions and energy levels for multielectron atoms SC
9 Mon. Sept. 27 Electronic structure of multielectron atoms, photoelectron spectra SC
10 Wed. Sept. 29 Trends in ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity SC
11 Fri. Oct.1 Covalent bonds, dipole moments SC
12 Mon. Oct. 4 Ionic bonds SC
13 Wed. Oct. 6 Kinetic theory, Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution SC
  Fri. Oct. 8 FIRST HOUR EXAM covers PS #1-3,and Lectures #1-10  

Mon. Oct. 11

Columbus Day - Holiday  
14 Wed. Oct. 13 Intermolecular forces, H-bonding, liquids SC
15 Fri. Oct. 15 Vibrational and rotational spectroscopy SC
16 Mon. Oct. 18 Enthalpy and Gibb's free energy, second law of thermodynamics SC
17 Wed. Oct. 20 Chemical equilibrium SC
18 Fri. Oct. 22 Molecular description of acids and bases K. Cummins (KC)
19 Mon. Oct. 25 Chemical equilibrium: Environmental acid-base chemistry KC
  Wed. Oct. 27 SECOND HOUR EXAM - PS #4-5, Lectures #11-17  
20 Fri. Oct. 29 Indicator molecules and titration curves KC
21 Mon. Nov. 1 Electrons in chemistry: Redox processes KC
22 Wed. Nov. 3 Cell potentials and free energy KC
23 Fri. Nov. 5 Theory of molecular shapes KC
24 Mon. Nov. 8 Valence bond theory KC
25 Wed. Nov. 10 Molecular orbital theory KC
26 Fri. Nov. 12 Molecular orbital theory for diatomic molecules KC
27 Mon. Nov. 15 Molecular orbital theory for polyatomic molecules KC
  Wed. Nov. 17 THIRD HOUR EXAM covers PS #6-7, Lectures #18-25  
28 Fri. Nov. 19 Coordination complexes and ligands KC
29 Mon. Nov. 22 Crystal field theory KC
30 Wed. Nov. 24 Color and magnetism of coordination complexes KC
  Fri. Nov. 26 Thanksgiving holiday - no classes  
31 Mon. Nov. 29 Ligand substitution reactions: Kinetics KC
32 Wed. Dec 1 Molecular orbital theory for octahedral complexes KC
33 Fri. Dec 3 Bonding in metals and semiconductors KC
34 Mon. Dec. 6 Nature’s ligands: Metals in biology KC
35 Wed. Dec. 8 Nuclear chemistry and the Cardiolite® story KC

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