Course Information


  • Lectures are at TR1 in 34-101. Chalk Talks are held most weeks at W3 in 34-101. You are expected to attend all lectures and chalk talks.

Course Calendar


  • Extra labs and datasheets are available in the filing cabinet near 38-683. The labs will not be made available online; datasheets can be found here.
  • Lecture notes are only distributed in lecture. They will not be posted here or placed in the filing cabinet.

Staff Members


Teaching Assistants - Office 38-691, x3-1938

If you have a question regarding a lab or administrative issues, you can reach all of the course staff at Lab hours for each week will be posted on the announcements page.

Lab Assistants

  • Ashisha Persad
  • Brandon Motes
  • Chessa Hoekstra
  • Daniel Monagle
  • David Mejorado
  • Elizabeth Murray
  • Eric Ponce
  • Joseph Kusters
  • Joshua Piel
  • Kahyun Lee
  • Keshav Gupta
  • Mostafa Negm
  • Quang Kieu
  • Savannah Inglin
  • Sean Kent
  • Sophia Struckman
  • William Kusters