Parts List

Please note that this list only includes parts that we have purchased in the past and that may therefore be available in the TA office. Other resources include parts from 6.115 labs, chips from the equipment desk, special parts from Professor Leeb, and your own purchases from Radio Shack or Digikey.

Description Quantity Vendor Vendor Part # Part #
Atmel 256KB 5 volt r/w flash memory 7 Digikey AT29C020-12PC-ND
64k 8x8 SRAM 15 Digikey 428-1057-ND CY7C185-35PC
Red LEDs (like in SpinDude) 500 Digikey 404-1106-ND
16 Channel Analog Mux/DeMux 100 Digikey 296-3517-5-ND CD4067BE
4-to-16 Decoder 100 Digikey 296-9180-5-ND CD74HC154E
8 bit ADC in SSOP-24 package 5 Digikey ADC1175-50CIMT-ND
NPN SML SIG G.P. AMP & SWITCH T092 1 Digikey 2N3904-ND
Connector female 7x2 2MM 4 Digikey H2006-ND
Connector female 10x2 2MM 4 Digikey H2008-ND
Crystal LAN Ethernet, has header and RJ45 connections 1 CS8900A-CQ
National Semi 10-bit ADC 1 ADC10158GIN
TxDAC 8-bit ADC 1 AD9708AR
USB female sockets 4 Digikey 921K-ND
8-24 pin TTSOP adapter (very cool) 2
60.000 KHz XTAL C-2 type 4 Digikey SE3320-ND
Female/Female connector 1 Digikey WM6981-ND
14.7456 MHz crystal 1 Digikey X175-ND
8-Pin, 96 kHz Stereo D/A Converters with I2C, in SOIC package 15 CS4334K
8-Pin, 96 kHz Stereo D/A Converters with I2C, in SOIC package 3 CS4331
5x7 LED grid 1 LTP2757
4x4 LED grid 1 LTP2044
T1-3/4 IR LED 4 Digikey 67-1001-ND
Universal Dual Filter Building Block, for making notch/bandpass/etc filters 1 LTC1060
2^12 Encoder for IR transmission 1 HT12A
2^12 Decoder for IR transmission 1 HT12D
2^18 Encoder for IR transmission 1 HT640
2^18 Decoder for IR transmission 1 HT648L
LCD, maybe 20x4 4 UC20401
315 MHz Transmitter (RF) (one may be broken) 3 Digikey TXE-315-KH TXE-315-KH
315 MHz Receiver (RF) (one may be broken) 3 Digikey RXD-315-KH RXD-315-KH
315 MHz Transmitter (RF) 1 TXE-315-LC
315 MHz Receiver (RF) 1 RXD-315-LC
Antenna for Linx 1
8-bit ADC 1 AD7819YR
Sensory Voice Direct 364 Speech Recognition uC on breakout board 1 RSC-300
Miniature buttons 4
Miniature microphone 1
IC Voice Recorder/Player 8 minutes (one DIP, one SOIC) 2 Digikey ISD4003-08MS-ND ISD-4003
Set of RF transmitters/receivers that have no part number 1
PS/2 and VGA ports that go to pins 1
PS/2 port with soldered-on wires 1
Socket adapter for SOICs Various
Socket adaptor for big sqare chip 1
Resonator 455kHz 2 Digikey TK9942-ND
MP3 Decoder 7 STA013
Tone Decoder 36 Digikey LM567CN-ND LM567
Temperature Sensor 6 LM35D
DTMF Tone Generator 2 CM8870
NPN Darlington Transistors 5 ZTX603
Pressure Sensor 16.7 PSI max. 1 Digikey MPXA4115A6U-ND MPX4115A
Crimp Terminal 100
Dual USB Port Transient Suppressor 2 SN65240P
2.000 MHz Crystal 1
Ultrasonic Receiver 3 Digikey P9894-ND
8-Channel/Dual 4-Channel, High-Performance, CMOS Analog Multiplexers 2 MAX308CPE
Dual USB Port Transient Suppressor 2 Digikey 296-6596-5-ND
I2C Controller to 8051 2 PCF8584
Wide Bandwidth 4 x 1 VIDEO MULTIPLEXER 1 MPC100AP
Very Wideband, Low Distortion Monolithic Op-Amp 2 CLC409
Dual 7-Segment LED Display (same as the ones on the kit) 3 Digikey MAN6910-ND
Operational Amplifier 2 LM741
11.0592 MHz crystal 2 Digikey X125-ND
BCD to 7-segment decoder 6 Digikey 296-3712-5-ND 74LS47
Voice Record and playback, 20 seconds 2 ISD1420P
38.000 kHz Crystal 2 Digikey SE3314-ND
32-bit floating point math coprocessor 1 PAK-II
Octal bus transceiver/register 14 74HC646
8-channel Analog Multiplexer 1 74HC4051
Big LCD, enormous, with 16 buttons 1 v
Photodiode IC Infrared 10 Digikey PNA4602M-ND
Atmel 8-bit microcontroller (in ZIF socket) 1 AT89C52
10W, 1-channel Audio Amp with Fin 2 Digikey AN7586-ND AN7586
Counter Binary Decade 6 Digikey DM74LS90N-ND
Solenoids N
Old hard drive 1
Old floppy drive 1
Cypress USB Host Chip 1 SL811HS
Intel Universal Peripheral Interface 1 82C42
Card reader swipe device 1
Video Driver chip k MC6847