PSoC Information

Datasheets, Background, and Software

8051 Emulator Files and Documentation

  • 8051_PWM - 8051 Emulator with PWM blocks and 3-phase motor controller FSM
  • 8051_Signals - 8051 Emulator with a DAC, ADC and PWM blocks
  • FreeSoC8051Scripts - Linker and PSoC Programmer scripts for FreeSoC 8051 emulator project
  • 8051Emulatorbook - Documentation for the 8051 Emulator on PSoC 5

Lab Exercises and Project Files

Extract files to local directory and open workspace file

  • Blinky - PSoC Blinky project for 7-segment LED display
  • Exercise_1 - PSoC Blinky project for development kit LED
  • Exercise_2 - ADC input from pot displayed on LCD of development kit
  • Exercise_3 - "Breathing" LED project for development kit LED

Blackbird kit interface

Hardware Files

PSoC-based 16C450 Replacement

PSoC 8000 Series "Swiss Army Knife"

PSoC Serial Data "Catcher"

PSoC-based VGA interface

  • User Manual - how to get started with the VGA board
  • Design Summary - how the VGA board works, in case you'd like to make your PSoC 5 board do something similar
  • PSoC Creator Project - note that the custom linker script setting is an absolute path and will need to be updated in the project preferences once unzipped
  • R31JP Demo - This R31JP hex file will write a test image to the VGA board over the built-in serial port.
  • Python script - If you'd like to connect the VGA board directly to a computer. Python, NumPy, and PySerial required.
  • Linking instructions for PSoC Creator - Tips for getting Creator to link the VGA board project.
  • Tips for Porting to PSoC 5LP Stick - Tips for porting the project to a PSoC 5LP Stick, or other eval kits.

PSoC USB Bulk Transfer Example

PSoC Digital Filter Block Example

PSoC Bluetooth (HC-06) Echo Example

  • User Manual - How to setup and use an HC-06 with a PSoC and Windows 7
  • PSoC Creator Project - Example PSoC Creator Project to echo characters back to HC-06

PSoC TFT LCD Display Example

PSoC 5LP Board V1.4

  • Manual - An overview of the PSoC 5LP Board

PSoC 6.131 Shield V1.0 (Isolated IO for 5LP Board)

  • Manual - An overview of the PSoC 6.131 Shield