B:   K:   Pulsation Thresholds

6.182 - Psychoacoustics Project Laboratory

Spring Term 2014-15


This project laboratory provides an introduction to the problems and methods involved in the measurement of human sensory (especially auditory) capabilities.  The laboratory exercises employ computers in real time for experiment control and data analysis, but minimal programming background is assumed.  Students are encouraged to perform original experiments and to analyze their results with reference to the relevant scientific literature.  The laboratory thus provides an introduction to research in psychoacoustics and related areas of experimental psychology.

Instruction Staff

Rec. Instructor Louis D. Braida 36-709 ldbraida
CIM Instructor (WAC CI) Michael Trice 12-111 trice
Course Secretary Arlene Wint 36-747 aewint

Objectives and Outcomes

A statement of the Objectives and Outcomes of 6.182 is here.


Schedule of the subject is here.



Soundgen: An introduction to programming in Soundgen.

Laboratory Code

B:   K:   Laboratory 1 - Protocol 1
B:   K:   Laboratory 1 - Protocol 2
B:   K:   Laboratory 1 - Protocol 3
B:   K:   Laboratory 2

Samples of Code

B:   K:   Psycho-acoustic Demomnstrations
B:   K:   Calibration-A
B:   K:   Calibration-B
B:   K:   Example-1
B:   K:   Example-2
B:   K:   Example-3
B:   K:   Example-4
B:   K:   Simultaneous Masking
B:   K:   Forward Masking
B:   K:   Backward Masking
B:   K:   Modulation Masking
B:   K:   Difference Tones
B:   K:   Tone Loudness Summation
B:   K:   Noise Loudness Summation
B:   K:   Missing Fundamental Pitch
B:   K:   Cancelled Harmonics
B:   K:   Harmonic Cancellation
B:   K:   Complex Pitch by Method of Limits
B:   K:   Binural Unmasking
B:   K:   Binural Lateralization