6.857 Lecture References - Fall 2001

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Lecture 01 (Th 9/06/2001): Introduction

Lecture 02 (Tu 9/11/2001): Passwords and Cookies

(Including guest lecture by Kevin Fu on cookies)

Lecture 03 (Th 9/13/2001): Electronic Voting

Lecture 04 (Tu 9/18/2001): Voting/Frogs, collision-resistant hash functions

Lecture 05 (Th 9/20/2001): Number theory, digital signatures

Lecture 06 (Tu 9/25/2001): GCD, modular inverses, generators mod p, safe primes, the El Gamal signature scheme, and the discrete logarithm problem.

Lecture 07 (Th 9/27/2001): Mental Poker, RSA, Blind signatures

Lecture 08 (Tu 10/02/2001): Commitments and blind signatures

Lecture 09 (Th 10/04/2001): Homomorphic encryption

Lecture 10 (Th 10/11/2001): MixNets

Lecture 11 (Tu 10/16/2001): Block ciphers

Lecture 12 (Th 10/18/2001): OCB mode and SSL

Lecture 13 (Tu 10/23/2001): Electronic Payments

Lecture 14 (Th 10/25/2001): Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Lecture 15 (Tu 10/30/2001): Smartcards

Lecture 16 (Th 11/01/2001): Digital Rights Management, DMCA

Lecture 17 (Tu 11/06/2001): Viruses

Lecture 18 (Th 11/08/2001): Viruses and Worms

Lecture 19 (Tu 11/13/2001): Practical Insecurity

Lecture 20 (Th 11/15/2001): Java Security

Lecture 21 (Tu 11/20/2001): Java Security and Biometrics

Lecture 22 (Tu 11/27/2001): Quantum Cryptography

Lecture 23 (Th 11/29/2001): Wrap-up

Lecture 24 (Tu 12/04/2001): Talks

  1. Schmidt, Magdsick: SEC: SSH like client
  2. Muller, Karlovich, Bull, Agarwal: A Secure Media Distribution Framework
  3. Burkard, Gu, Yu, Mazza: How to Make the User Authentication Process in MS Passport More Secure
  4. Cadar, Francu, Gheorghioiu: Blinded Distributed Computing
  5. Walker, Okunseinde, Newsom, Nelson: Security of Wireless Networks and Mobile Devices
  6. Johann-Berkel, Quealy, Armour, Owsley: Cracking Digital Satellite TV
  7. Yip, Hydari, Krishnamurthy, Yuditskaya: User Authentication in Cryptographic File Systems
  8. Baekkelund: Steganography in Spam

Lecture 25 (Th 12/06/2001): Talks

  1. Li, Wagner, Gilliland, Lustbader: Proactive Cryptography Applications in Smart Cards
  2. Chiou, Chou, Ma, Vo: Execution-Based Software Protection
  3. Giffin, Plitwack, Greenstadt, Tibbetts: Steganography in TCP timestamps
  4. Kottahachchi, Chan, Samaranayake: Rethinking Software Piracy: Active Software Rights Verification for Effective Control of Piracy
  5. Nikos, Luciano, Petros: Reputation-Based Certificate Authorities
  6. Bailey, Cholankeril, Zitser: Cookie authentication
  7. Cruz, Davtchev, Kim, Rahnev: Analyzing the Security of 802.11 Wireless Networks

Lecture 26 (Tu 12/11/2001): Talks

  1. Cody, Cotler, Hastings, Langer: Threshold Signatures and Open Source
  2. Bevilacqua, Itsara, Kochman, Reinstein: Honeypots
  3. Brunsman, Leon, Lin, Cheung: Honeypots
  4. 3 Huangs and a Shi: Security and Privacy Issues of Microsoft Passport
  5. Blackwell, Andrews, Lai, Sieunarine: Security Aspects of Unicode
  6. Chen, Kim, Kwon, Medak: Digital Signatures for Physical Mail
  7. Pick, Mine, Traub, Stein: Peer-to-Peer Security: Limits of Trust, DDOS, and Covert Channels

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