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MIT Physics 8.02 - Electricity & Magnetism

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  The Levitating Ring   The Suspended Ring
  The Falling Ring with Finite Resistance   The Falling Ring with Zero Resistance
  The Levitating Magnet   The Suspended Magnet
  The Falling Magnet with a Finite Resistance Ring   The Falling Magnet with a Zero Resistance Ring
  Creating a Magnetic Field   Destroying a Magnetic Field
  The Falling Coil Applet   The Faraday's Law Applet
  The Faraday's Law Applet, Part 2   The Falling Magnet Applet
  Magnetic Inductance   Magnet Floating Above a Superconductor
appearing monopole   Magnetic Monopole Appearing Above A Conducting Plane Moving Monopole   Moving Magnetic Monopole Above A Conducting Plane
Moving Dipole   Moving Magnetic Dipole Above A Conducting Plane