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Aeronautics and Astronautics' annual publication, AeroAstro, chronicles and celebrates the department's recent innovations in technology and engineering education. Packed with interesting articles, reports, and photographs, each glossy issue includes articles on specific research projects, educational initiatives, profiles of faculty and alumni, and reports from each of our research labs.

AeroAstro No. 8, 2010-2011

Featuring AeroAstro's research in autonomous and humans-in-the-loop systems.

(Articles will be posted as they are made available in web form. Complete issue No.8 pdf is downloadable below)

  • Faculty Interview: New AeroAstro head Jaime Peraire. William Litant
  • Thinking for themselves: Autonomous robots plan their own actions in complex, dynamic environments. Jon How. Emilio Frazzoli, and Brian Williams
  • Humans-in-the-loop. Mary Cummings, Jon How, and Brian Williams
  • Where am I: Absent external positioning systems, UAVs need to be clever learners. Nickolas Roy, and Jon How
  • Autonomous mobility. Emilio Frazzoli, Jon How, Nicholas Roy, Russ Tendrake, and Brian Williams
  • MIT autonomous systems education. Brian Williams
  • Alumni Interview: Dave Voss. Dick Dahl
  • Lab report. News from AeroAstro research labs

Download AeroAstro No.8 (pdf 4.7M)

AeroAstro No. 7, 2009-2010

Featuring AeroAstro's research in aviation-related energy and environment.

Download AeroAstro No.7 (pdf 4.3M)

AeroAstro No. 6, 2008-2009

Featuring Giant Leaps, the MIT and AeroAstro celebration of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.

Download AeroAstro No.6 (pdf, 6.9M)

AeroAstro No. 5, 2007-2008

Featuring young AeroAstro faculty and their research.

Download AeroAstro No.5 (pdf, 3.1M)

AeroAstro No. 4, 2006-2007

Download AeroAstro No. 4 (pdf, 1.8M)

AeroAstro No. 3, 2005-2006

Download AeroAstro No. 3 (pdf, 2.5M)

AeroAstro No. 2, 2004-2005

Download AeroAstro No. 2 (pdf, 1M)

AeroAstro No. 1, 2003-2004

  • An innovation in airport noise reduction, J-P Clarke.
  • A paradigm shift in communications satellite design, Eytan Modiano.
  • Space electric propulsion. it's been a long time coming, Manuel Martinez-Sanchez.
  • Lean Aerospace Initiative.
  • Teaching by questioning, Steven Hall.
  • Profile of Professor Dava Newman, Lauren Clark.
  • Profile of Boeing Chief Research Pilot Tom Imrich, Dick Dahl.
  • Lab report. News from AeroAstro research labs.

Download AeroAstro No. 1 (pdf, 2.1M)

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