F-32 - Clear Customer Account

You can use this transaction to clear partial payments from sponsor research customer accounts, as described below. Under normal circumstances, when there is a complete payment (dollar-for-dollar match between customer/sponsor payment and invoice), the customer account is cleared by a program (F.13) run nightly by the Cashier's Office.

Some situations that might require clearing via F-32, even though invoice and payment dollars match. They include the following: the payment was originally posted to the wrong customer number, or posted directly to GL 800600; the payment comes before the invoice has been run; or the Cashier's Office forgets to run the program, so that the invoice and payment are not caught on the correct date. Such problems can be found by reviewing the monthly aging report, ZAGE.

Note that prior to running F-32, you need to associate the payment with an invoice (via invoice # or date or other information). To use F-32, you need to know the invoice date (to use as baseline date) and WBS element, which you can find out using ZFBL5N - MIT Customer Line Items.

  1. Get started (SAP menu path, fast path)
  2. Clear customer: header data
  3. Clear customer: process open items (partial payment: only 2 open items, more than two open items)

1. Get Started

2. Clear customer: header data

  1. Account: (Enter 10-digit customer ID number; see table below)

    Acct group From To Size Type of record
    SPOL 8000000000 8099999999 10 Letter of credit sponsors
    SPON 8100000000 8999999999 10 New sponsors (since 9/97)
    SPOX 9930000000 9949999999 10 Existing (pre-SAP) sponsors

  2. Company Code (default is CUR for MIT)

  3. Clearing date: (use default, which is today's date)

  4. Click on
    Result: The Clear customer: process open items screen displays.

3. Clear customer: process open items

Type of payment Under these conditions
Partial payment if only 2 open line items
Partial payment if more than 2 open line items

Note: Under normal circumstances, dollar matches between payments and invoices are cleared by a program run nightly by the Cashier's Office.

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