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  Front Cover Design  
Designed by: Fang Hui
Ph.D. student
Computer Science Programme
2004 intake
  SMA Front Cover  
This year’s theme of “Frontiers in Innovative Technologies” is depicted in the cover design, which is meant to evoke an immediate impression of the vivid contrast between light and darkness. SMA takes its place in the centre of this all, supported by global cooperation as symbolised by the globe below it.

The side of the planet represents the unknown space that human beings have yet to be explored, and like the brilliant iridescent halo of light and energy pulsing from the very heart of it all, each of the innovative technologies in frontier areas will illuminate and spur our minds on to enlarge our scope of understanding and bring more of the darkness to light.

Fang Hui
Prof Nee presenting the award to Fang Hui for the winning entry of this year’s Annual Report cover contest
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