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The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on 3 November 1998.
The first two programmes – Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems (AMM&NS) and High Performance Computation for Engineered Systems (HPCES) – were launched in July 1999.
The first immersion at MIT was held in July and August in 1999.
The Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the MIT Club of Singapore on 18 December 1999 for SMA students and alumni to be members.
The first SMA corporate video was produced.  
The third programme – Innovation In Manufacturing Systems and Technology (IMST) – was launched in July 2000.
The first SMA Commencement Ceremony was held on 21 July 2000 with 36 students graduating with the Master of Science (S.M.) degree in either the AMM&NS or HPCES programme.
The SMA Alumni Club was set up in October 2000.
The first SMA Annual Symposium was held on 16 January 2001 at NUS.  
The last two programmes in the first phase of SMA – Molecular Engineering of Biological and Chemical Systems (MEBCS) and Computer Science (CS) – were launched in July 2001. SMA operated for the first time the full slate of five programmes.
The SMA Industry Consortium (SMAIC) had its first six members join in January 2002.
A pilot programme called the Special Student Scheme was launched in January 2003.
The Memorandum of Understanding to mark the second phase of SMA was signed between MIT, NUS and NTU on 23 March 2003.
SMA’s first Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) graduate was conferred his degree in July 2003.
The AMM&NS and HPCES programmes drew to a successful close in June 2004.


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