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Owing to the rigorous education, practical training and innovative research that students go through during their time at SMA, SMA students are highly sought after for employment after they graduate. SMA assists its students in job placement, liaising with employers to work towards a mutually beneficial working relationship between graduates and their preferred work organisation. Some of the SMA graduates (2004/2005) have found employment in the following organisations:

• Applied Materials SEA Pte. Ltd.
• Catena Technologies Pte Ltd
• CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd
• Encentuate Pte. Ltd.
• Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd
• IBM Singapore Pte Ltd
• Schlumberger
• Singapore Management University
• Singapore-MIT Alliance
• TECH Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd

“SMA provides highly selective programmes in technical fields relevant to our software company, FriarTuck. FriarTuck has hosted three SMA students in the past three years. The students displayed high degrees of creativity, problem solving skills and commitment in their attachment projects. One of these students excelled the expectations in his project in such a way that FriarTuck offered him a position as software development engineer. He is now a key member in FriarTuck’s software development team.”
Dr Martin Henz, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, FriarTuck Pte Ltd

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