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Expertise: Advanced manufacturing technology, rapid prototyping (RP) technology, laser materials process, 3D micro-fabrication
Rapid Prototyping and its Application in 3D Micro-Fabrication
Project Advisor
Assoc Prof Loh Han Tong
Duration :
September 2002 to September 2004

Project Abstract:

The project will look into the improvements of a formerly developed rapid prototyping process-high temperature laser sintering (HTLS) system, especially in the optimization of materials and process parameters. Cooperating with a local company, a novel HTLS machine will be built to realize the process involving three kinds of material: metal, sand and plastic. Another related research will focus on the application of rapid prototyping in 3D micro-fabrication. A novel process based on UV laser micro-sterolithography, high-aspect electroforming and micro-molding has been proposed for exploration. A special device consisting of an excimer laser, a programmable pattern generator, and a reaction chamber will be constructed to realize the process. Research works include in-depth investigation into the interaction between the UV laser and the material, the accuracy control of the process, the measurement and evaluation of the process and its application in MEMS and nano-technology.

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