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4th SMAAC Committee

Message from SMAAC President

Welcome to the SMA Alumni Club (SMAAC) website. I would like to thank all the alumni members for your enthusiastic past support and look forward to your continuous participation and co-operation in this coming year 2004-2005.

The very first event that our new management committee organised for work year 2004/2005 was the “Networking Cocktail Evening” on 29th May 2004 in NUS Alumni House. It provided the students and the alumni an opportunity to meet up and to network. It also set to welcome the graduating batch of students to the SMA Alumni Club family. The event was graced by the presence of Prof Andrew Nee, SMA Co-Director, Singapore. During the event, alumnus from each of the 5 courses also gave a presentation on the career opportunities available for the students in their courses.

Following the Networking event was the “SMAAC Night Tour” event. This year, the welcoming of the new batch of students to SMA was held in a new setting. The committee members decided to bring the students and alumni to experience the nightlife in Singapore and its multi-cultural society. It was definitely an enjoyable and unforgettable evening as the students and alumni were treated with a spectacular fireworks display marking the start of Mooncake Festival at Chinatown, as well as the fun and laughter-filled evening with the comedy show by Kumar at the Boom Boom Room.

In the coming months, the club aims to bring more activities to both students and alumni, to provide you all with an avenue to interact and to network. We would like to make our event your Class Gathering with your former classmates too. In the coming months, you will be treated with events such as Sports Day, Movie Gathering, Entrepreneurship Talks, Painting of Old Folks Home, and many more. Take a look at our Calendar of Events to see what are happening in our club this year.

In this opportunity, I would like to say many thanks to the committee members who have spent much time and effort in organising the events. Without them, all these activities will not be able to come to you. Last but not least, I wish all of you a success in your endeavours. I look forward to meeting you at our SMAAC events.

Freddy Chang
4th SMAAC Management Committee

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SMAAC 4th Annual General Meeting

The 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SMA Alumni Club (SMAAC) was held on 3rd April 2004 in Alumni House, NUS. The incumbent President, Helen Chuwardi, commenced the AGM with a welcome speech. A brief on the activities that were organised during work year 2003/2004 was presented.

The first event was the annual gathering, the Amazing Race held in September 2003 after the students returned from MIT, USA. It was a 1-day crazy run in Sentosa to bring together the alumni and students.

The other major activity was the annual bowling competition. The competition was organised together with the AGM. The club was able to provide full subsidy for our members who attended both the AGM and the bowling competition.

Other than these two activities, the club organized SMA Innovation Seminar for alumni and students on 19th Aug 2003. Dr Gang Zhou, Technology Director of Applied Materials (South East Asia) gave a talk on “Innovation in Hi-Tech”, while Mr Howard Tam, Technical Director and Laboratory Manager of 3M Asia Pacific spoke on “Innovation in Corporate Setting, voice of the customer, design for 6-sigma etc”.

President thanked the committee and the pool of dedicated members, who contributed selflessly to the club for several years and helped in many of the club’s activities.

The election of the new Management Committee was carried out smoothly.

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Management Committee

Congratulations to the following members who were elected to the SMAAC Management Committee in Year 2004/2005:

The elected President decided to co-op the following non-official committee members to the 4th Management Committee to help out the SMAAC activities in Year 2004/2005:

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