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6th SMAAC Committee

Message from SMAAC President

The 6th Management Committee aims to continue the good work of the past Committees, in networking, enriching and bonding the alumni of the Singapore-MIT Alliance. Our objective in this term will be to build upon the solid foundation laid by the club’s predecessors, to make SMAAC as effective as it can be to perpetuate and enrich the bond and ties amongst our members and alumni.

Following the AGM, the committee is looking forward to planning for an exciting Event Calendar for the year ahead. Alumni can look forward to a BBQ Social Night, Community Service Project, Night Cycling Event, Dance Courses, Financial Planning Talk and our very own SMAAC Annual Anniversary Dinner and Dance, to be lined up throughout the year.

Apart from organizing activities and events, we will be taking an active role in the club’s growth and development, so that SMAAC can be in a better position to serve its members. We are exploring better ways of contact tracing and reaching out to every alumnus. Also in the pipeline are plans to produce club merchandise so as to foster a stronger sense of identity and belonging to our club.

While we envisage growing the club into a more professional body, we still want to retain the family-like spirit, where members are bonded to each other in a very personal way. We hope SMAAC will provide an avenue for you to keep in touch with old friends, to make new ones and stay connected to SMA, an alma mater we all cherish.

Kek Sei Wee
SMAAC 6th Management Committee

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SMAAC 6th Annual General Meeting

The 6th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SMA Alumni Club was held on Saturday, June 24th 2006 at NUS, Meeting room E4-04-07. The incumbent 5th Management Committee President, Ms. Nelly Kasim, presented the activities organised during 2005/2006, before paving way for the election of the 6th Management Committee for 2006/2007.


Throughout the year, we signed-up 66 members; comprising 27 ordinary members and 39 associate members through our recruitment drive and events. As of June 2006, there are now 13 members on life membership.

Past events included the SMA Networking Nite and Entrepreneurship Sharing session, SMAAC Presentation to SMA students during Orientation and before their MIT trip,  SMA Nature Walk at Sungei Buloh Reserve, King Kong Movie night, Charity Rainbow Project and SMA Financial Talk and Workshop.

The club kicked start the year with the networking night at which the members enjoyed the reunion with fellow classmates while enjoying the entrepreneurship experiences shared by our own up-start entrepreneur. Prof. Andrew Nee joined us that night and interacted with 80 alumni who supported the event. He briefed the alumni on the upcoming SMA-2 programmes. The first alumni survey was initiated on the same night to gather feedback from the community and the result were used to plan the activities for the year.

Activities such as the SMA Nature Walk, the Movie nite featuring “King Kong”, and the charity painting with the Rotary Club were organised to nurture stronger bonding between alumni members.

26 alumni joined the Nature walk to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve to appreciate the mangrove side of Singapore. Fresh-faced and decked with our sports gear, we were led by our cheerful tour-guide to spot mudskippers, a resting monitor lizard and a fleeting kingfisher. The alumni club also joined one of the movie events of 2005 with King Kong at the Cathay Cineleisure.

The Rainbow painting project with the Rotary Club of Serangoon Gardens this year brought us to Pipit Road during which we witnessed participation by our alumni’s family, friends and colleagues who readily volunteered their Saturday for this half day event.

The SMA Financial Talk was held on June 2nd 2006 by a professional financial services consultant who provided the alumni with the overview and main principles of financial planning. A veteran speaker with years of experiences was invited to present followed by break-out workshop sessions by the financial consultants. 24 participants who attended the event participated actively during the discussions and 76% of them rated the event as ‘Good’.

Other activities supporting the SMA Office are the SMA Alumni Club President’s presentations to SMA Students for Orientation and MIT pre-departure briefing, held on 29th June 2005 and 16th July 2005 respectively. The President shared with the students places to visit in Boston and surrounding areas as well as various tips and tricks for their MIT trip. The questions the audience asked indicated that they were very keen to find out more about the MIT trip. The students found the session to be useful. The newsletter posted at the SMA website has been restarted to provide updates on our activities and write-ups.

In 2006, all the five SMA programmes have come on-stream. The alumni club is excited to welcome the new phase of SMA and will continue to support its alumni and students alike. SMAAC has been playing a major role in welcoming students and facilitating their transition into Singapore. The club is welcoming greater participation of new and mature alumni alike in supporting the club to new heights.

Election of the 6th Management Committee

The next agenda item was the election of the 6th Management Committee. The election went smoothly with the core committee members being elected unanimously. Feedback was then solicited from the members present for their commitment in volunteering for the next committee.

At the end of the meeting, a strong team was assembled and it’s raring to bring the club to the new heights!

Nelly Kasim
President (outgoing)
5th SMAACC Management Committee

A BIG Thank you to the members of the outgoing 5th Management Committee for your commitment, passion, and personal dedication in running the club and our events throughout your appointments!

(Outgoing) 5th Management Committee (2005/2006) 

President: Ms Nelly Kasim
Vice President: Ms Cheng Xiaoyi
Secretary: Ms Indrawati Torpi Sofian
Treasurer: Mr. Xu Xin
Committee members: Freddy Chang
Committee members: Shidarti Bte Ali
Committee members: Joshua Kyaw Swa Soe
Committee members: Helen Chuwardi
Committee members: Wang Yi

And, congratulations to the Elected 6th Management Committee (2006/2007)!

(Incoming) 6th Management Committee (2006/2007)

President: Mr. Kek Sei Wee
Vice President: Ms. Nelly Kasim
Treasurer: Mr. Meng Fan Ming
Secretary: Mr. David Wong
Committee Member: Mr. Jason Xu Xin
Committee Member: Mr. Kelvin Teo
Committee Member: Mr. Joshua Kyaw Swa Soe
Committee Member: Mr. Liew Zhong Yao
Committee Member: Ms. Xiao Xiao
Committee Member: Ms. Shidarti Bte Ali
Committee Member: Ms. Indrawati Torpi Sofian
Committee Member: Mr. Freddy Chang
Committee Member (project basis): Ms. Cheng Xiao Yi
Committee Member (project basis): Mr. Ke Yan
Committee Member (project basis): Ms. Helen Chuwardi
Committee Member (project basis): Mr. Goh Wei Kyan
Committee Member (project basis): Mr. Rojan C (2007)

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