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2008 Hartman Student Paper Competition winners announced

APRIL 2008 : Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aeronautics and Astronautics Dept. graduate students Elza Brunelle-Yeung and Christopher Sequeira are the first and second place winners, respectively, in the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction's 2008 Joseph A. Hartman Student Paper Competition. Peter A. Barros Jr. of the Georgia Institute of Technology was the third place winner. Brunelle received a prize of $3,000; Sequeira, $2,000; and Barros, $1,000.

PARTNER 2008 Hartman Student Paper Competition winners (from left) Chris Sequeira and Elza Brunelle-Yeung of MIT, and Peter Barros Jr. of Georgia Tech.

Hartman award presentation

Brunelle-Yeung is a Master's candidate working on PARTNER Project 3's Aviation Portfolio Management Tool Benefits Valuation Block. Her paper is titled "Impact of Subsonic Aviation on Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Incidence Due to Atmospheric Ozone Variation." (download paper .pdf 307K)

Sequeira received his M.S. degree this spring and has joined a Washington consulting firm. While pursuing his degree, he worked on PARTNER Project 15, the Environmental Policy Act Study. His paper is titled "Relationships Between Emissions-Related Aviation Regulations and Human Health." (download paper .pdf 408K)

Barros is a PhD. candidate at Georia Tech and is working on PARTNER Project 14, Environmental Design Space. His paper is titled "A Process to Validate the Predictive Capability of the Environmental Design Space through Error Quantification and Uncertainty Propagation." (download paper .pdf 330K)

The competition captures the best technical solutions, economic analyses, methodologies, and processes that work towards reducing aviation noise and emissions exposure through source reduction technologies, noise abatement operating procedures, compatible land use management, and airport operational control measures. A panel of experts from academia, industry, government, and aviation environmental community organizations judge the contest.

The PARTNER Student Paper Competition is named in memory of Professor Joseph A. Hartman of Boise University, a founding PARTNER member and lead investigator, who passed away in 2004.

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