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The American Institute of Architecture Students, or AIAS, is a national organization with local chapters at universities throughout the US. The AIAS works to address issues affecting students, including studio culture, internships, the accredidation process, and the advancement of architecture itself. For more information, visit the National AIAS homepage.

MIT's undergraduate program in architecture is an often under-recognized part of the department. With under 60 students, or 2% of the undergraduate population, Course IV is a small major at MIT. The AIAS is firmly committed to improving the quality of our major. To learn more about what needs improving, issue 2 of the Fall '03 pinup (the architecture student journal at MIT) does a good job of summarizing the issues confronting undergraduates.

Our chapter works to help undergraduates, whose voice oftentimes goes unheard, to not only form an educational community, but also to provide them with resources with which to advance their studies. We moderate open meetings of architecture undergraduates, organize lectures and field trips, and provide opportunities to promote the appreciation of design on campus.

If you are interested in joining the AIAS, contact Stephen Form (username: sform) for more information. If you are sure you want to join, you can download and fill out the individual membership form (in pdf) and turn it in to Stephen.

Getting involved is easy because we are always eager to have help. Meetings of the AIAS are every other Thursday evening at varying locations. See the calendar page for details.

If you want to help out at any AIAS event or attend lectures or meetings sponsored by the AIAS, again, see the calendar page for details. We would love to have you join us.

Finally, here is the members of the AIAS and, if applicable, their position.

PresidentStephen Form
Vice-PresidentBriar Lowe
SecretaryJen Gaugler
TreasurerLeon Wang
AIA LiaisonMichelle Ha
Publicity ChairAndrea Urmanita
WebmastersStephen Form, Andrea Urmanita
Faculty AdvisorJan Wampler