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AIAS Northeast Quad Conference
The MIT AIAS chapter has formed a partnership with fellow chapters at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Northeastern University called CoArc. CoArc is going to host the biannual Northeast Quad Conference this fall from November 5th through the 7th. The conference does not have an official theme but will focus on the Big Dig and campus architecture. Tours include the three campuses plus Harvard, Fenway, the North End, Copley Square, and the Big Dig sites. Registration forms are available here. Print it and fill it out and turn it into headquarters by Thursday, November 4th.

Cat Shelter Design/Build
MIT is helping the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue design and/or build a small pen for stray cats. The cats are currently in a poorly ventilated space and need architects to come in and save thd day. We are planning on doing some design work in November and perhaps helping to build the shelter during one day in late November or early December. Contact Briar to get involved.

Professor Dinners
AIAS is working to coordinate dinners with professors here at MIT. The goal is to introduce undergrads to the work that some professors they normally aren't exposed to are doing. These will be rather informal with an eye towards establishing a relationship between different levels of architecture programs here. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Steve.