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Submit to Showcase and get the chance to have your work appear on the AIAS homepage! Simply submit an image in Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format with a width of 480 pixels. Height it unlimited, but try to keep it in check. Also, submit your name, the course number the work was done for and the professor's name. It's that easy!

Send all submissions to Steve.

Ready for the big time? PLAZmA is the School of Architecture and Planning's electronic showcase. Work from undergraduates is in short supply and it's important that we have a presence in this showcase. Submission instructions to PLAZmA can be found here.

Other showcase events can be seen on the MIT events calendar page, but we have a few important ones involving undergrads listed here.

Stephanie Hsu and Joyce Wang :
Delft Exchange Presentation
AVT3.30.04 :
Lisa Mroszczyk :
Senior Thesis Review (with SMARCHS)
AVT and environs5.14.04