Authentic History Center: 1950s
Michael S. Barnes, a teacher at Byron Center High School, maintains this site, devoted to American popular culture. This section of the site includes a number of pages of images and audio files from 1950s atomic culture, including "Music About the Atom Bomb: 1944-1958," "'Duck!, and Cover!': Fear of The Bomb," "Atomic Toys: Atomic Energy in Popular Culture: 1946-1969," and "Atomic Comics: Atomic Energy In Comic Books." Although the site would benefit from more detailed description and contextualization of the items, it still offers a glimpse at the pervasiveness of atomic anxiety in popular culture.

Cold War Civil Defense Museum
This privately produced virtual museum offers a variety of photos, film stills, audio clips, and posters from Cold War civil defense propaganda and equipment.

Conelrad: All Things Atomic
Named after the Control of Electronic Radiation emergency alert system (1950s forerunner of the National Emergency Broadcasting System), this privately produced site is a trove of atomic culture. Meander through the site (it's not easy to navigate) to experience terrifying, yet hilarious, images and audio clips from Cold War Nuclear America. The site includes pop music, movie posters, book covers, civil defense propaganda, and more.

Public Shelter
Jayne Loader, co-producer of the acclaimed Atomic Cafe documentary of Cold War atomic propaganda, created this site in conjunction with a 1995 CD-ROM. The most useful section of the site is the Civil Defense Archive, which includes several civil defense-related items from the National Archives.

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Pages from Sites Listed in General Resources:

Alsos Digital Library For Nuclear Issues: Manhattan Project
Part of the NSF-funded Alsos Digital Library For Nuclear Issues from Washington and Lee University, these pages describe books, articles, videos, and websites relating to nuclear issues in American culture.

Trinity Atomic Web Site: Civil Defense
This section of the site hosted by the Virginia Tech Center for Digital Discourse and Culture includes a few civil defense video clips and pamphlets.

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