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High Performance ( Pressure ) Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) offers high resolution separation of compounds from a complex mixture. After column fractionation, separated components are collected in liquid form in fraction collector tubes for further use. We have several HPLC systems which flow from 50 nanoliters to 30 milliliters per minute so we may be able to help you isolate material that would be difficult via e.g. SDS-PAGE. Proteins isolated by HPLC are digested more completely than in-gel protein, however, not all proteins will elute from HPLC columns. We have several preparative, analytical and capillary scale HPLC instruments which we routinely use for analysis of protein, peptide and DNA/RNA. We generally use reverse phase columns such as C1, C4 and C18 with MeCn gradients. If you presently have an LC system, we may be able to advise you regarding solvent systems, etc.

ABI Model 151A Semi Preparative Tertiary (3 pumps), HPLC Agilent Model 1090, Model 1100 Binary, and Model 1100 Nanoflow analytical HPLCs

HPLC Services

  • Analytical HPLC
  • HPLC Purification -- Small & Large Scale
Amount Loaded on Column 100-500pmole 0.5-10mg (Small Scale) 10-100mg (Large Scale)

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