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Less Common Modifications for Peptide Synthesis

5, FAM iodotyrosines Iodotyrosines
8X, 4X MAP core peptides Isothiocynates
Acetylation Long chain biotin
Amidated C-terminal Lys (Ac)
Amide condensation (cyclization) Lys (ivDde)
Aminobenzoic acid Lys (TFA)
Aminohexanoic, Aminopentanoic, Aminoundecanoic acid or other carbon spacers Maleimide
Aminohexonoic (DIC and no HOBT)- SA coupling only Mono, di, tri lys methylation
Asp (Alloc) MTSL
Azido Lysine Mtt or Mmt Lys
Azidopentanoic acid Myristolation
Beta amino acids N-methyl amino acids
BHQ 1, 2, 3 dyes N-terminal NHS
bis-boc-amino-oxyacetic acid Nitrotyrosine
C-terminal biotin Norleucine
Crotonic acid OSu HOSu couplings succinimide
Cy3B maleimide Palmitic
D form amino acids PEG linkers
Disulfide cyclization 1st bridge Phenyl boronic acid (PBA)
Disulfide cyclization 2nd bridge Phosphor-serine phosphor-threonine
DOPA PLL Photolabile linker
DOTA Pyrene
DSPE Peg 2000 (lipid) Removal of Mtt or Mmt from Mtt or Mmt Lys
Farnesylation Solulink BOC-HNA (HiNic)
FMOC Stable isotope amino acids
Fmoc-Asp(2-phenylisopropyl ester)-OH Stable isotope lys / arg resin
FMOC-Lys-biotin Stearic acid
Geranyl Succinic anhydride
Hydroxyproline Succinylation
Ibuprofen-COOH Sulfo SMCC linker

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