Vol. 3 No. 1 September 2004

President's Welcome 

BE Major Developments
BE vs. BME

MIT Bio, Eng Options
Prof. Schauer: BME Program

BMES-J&J Research Award
Internship Experience Abroad
Prefrosh Visit

Letter from Berkeley
Letter from UCSD

MIT BMES Chapter Goals
MIT BMES 10th Anniversary

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The BioTECH Quarterly

The BioTECH is a quarterly newsletter published by the MIT Biomedical Engineering Society as a vehicle to inform, involve, and mobilize our membership regarding the complex and evolving bioengineering landscape at MIT and nationwide. Founded in Spring 2003, the BioTECH has grown from a campus publication to one with wider constituencies, a bridge for inter-chapter relations and a catalyst to spark discussions on the national scene – the BMES Bulletin, for example, recently printed our Letter to the Editor in a full-page coverage on page 3 of its Summer 2004 issue.

Comments on our publication? Interested in joining us? Email us at TheBioTECH@mit.edu!

Meritorious Achievement Award Winner
MIT BMES selected as Chapter of the Year ’03-’04
Award to be presented at the National BMES Fall Conference
on October 14, 2004 in Franklin Plaza in Philadelphia, PA

Vol. 3 No.1 September 2004
Production Team

Founder & Senior Editor
Alexis DeSieno ’05
Judy Yeh ’05
Assistant Editor
Muyinatu Lediju ’06
Contributing Editors
Nancy Benedetti ’05
Lili Peng ’05

Contributing Writers
Brian Chase ’06
Christina Fuentes ’05
Nupur Garg ’07
Issel Lim ’05
Lili Peng ’05
Yin Ren ’06
Priya Shah ’05
Dawn Wendell ’04
Guest Writers
Berkeley Bioengineering Chronicle
Melissa Kemp ’97
Shirley Lee, UCSD BMES
Trachtenberg family

Faculty Advisors
James L. Sherley, MD PhD
    Professor of Biological Eng (BE)
Matthew J. Lang, PhD
    Professor of MechE and BE
Linda G. Griffith, PhD
    Professor of BE and MechE
Roger D. Kamm, PhD
    Professor of MechE and BE
Doug A. Lauffenburger, PhD
    Professor of BE, ChemE, Biology

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