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Host-Interface Program: note from prefrosh on visit to MIT BE

By the Trachenberg family, MIT BE Visitors

Ojonimi Ocholi, VP of Research Activities, met with prospective student
Matt Trachtenberg and his parents on August 13, 2004, and showcased
his research at the newly built Stata Center.   

    Matt, Ruth and I want to thank you for coordinating our recent tour of Bioengineering at MIT, on August 13, 2004.  As a High School senior, Matt is targeting his college search at those schools who have prominent programs in Bio(Medical) Engineering.

    The high points of our visit were:

    * meeting Professor Lang, and getting an overview of the curriculum in the new BE major. He gave us an awesome tour of the lab facilities in building NE47. We had a look at the research labs, and were particularly impressed to see the custom-built laser-augmented microscopes on huge floating tables.

    * speaking with a second year ChE major (and BME minor), Napur Garg.

    * speaking with a fourth year EE/CS major (and BME minor), Ojonimi Ocholi.

    The students showed us their labs and work locations, and described their specific UROP projects. They also showed us different ways to weave a BME minor into diverse engineering studies.

    Of course, we were aware of MITs reputation for providing a superb undergraduate Engineering education, but had questions regarding BE, especially with the ongoing change in MITs BE degree offerings. Frankly, we were concerned that MIT did not appear on the list of schools that are accredited by ABET, for Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering.

    After our meetings, we came away with a powerful message that MIT is laying the groundwork for a BE Major curriculum that will provide a solid basis for a life-long career in either Bio-Technology or Bio-Engineering.

    The BMES is providing a great service for students who are considering undergraduate admission to MIT. We commend you for your efforts and thank you again for an unforgettable visit.

Bob, Ruth, and Matt Trachtenberg, Mountain Lakes, NJ.


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