Vol. 3 No. 1 September 2004

President's Welcome 

BE Major Developments
BE vs. BME

MIT Bio, Eng Options
Prof. Schauer: BME Program

BMES-J&J Research Award
Internship Experience Abroad
Prefrosh Visit

Letter from Berkeley
Letter from UCSD

MIT BMES Chapter Goals
MIT BMES 10th Anniversary

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The BioTECH Quarterly

BMES Chapter Goals & Checklist for 2004-2005

Administration & Membership
Professional Development
Public Relations
Department Development

BMES Bulletin Board
~ designed by Stephanie Reed, VP of Publicity ~
in the Infinite Corridor, next to the Coffee Shop.

VOTE on these two potential T-shirt designs!
Email bmes-request@mit.edu with your preference: either DNA strand (top) or PCR gel (bottom).
Also specify if you would prefer a black or white t-shirt.

Administration & Membership

* New Committees
Description: Create new committees such as publicity, lecture series, community service, and BioTECH staff in order to increase membership involvement and contact with exec.
Contact: Stephanie Reed, Joia Ramchandani, Alexis DeSieno, Judy Yeh.

* Officers’ Log
Description: compile an officer’s log for each exec position, detailing duties involved, protocols followed, suggestions/advice for next term’s officers, etc.
Contact: George Eng.

* Online Discussion Forum
Description: promote membership dialogues by creating an online discussion forum where the MIT Community as well as interested individuals worldwide can discuss BE related topics, exchange news, follow-up on inter-chapter developments, etc.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno, Emily Pfeiffer.

*  Bible Collection & Resources Organization
Description: Collect course bibles for BE/BME classes to share among members; compile BME resources in the BE/BME Office.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno, Lili Peng.


* BMES-J&J Research Prize
Description: Maintain the BMES-Johnson & Johnson Excellence in Biomedical Engineering Research Prize Program; assemble a new BMES-J&J Review Committee; implement changes voted on in Spring ’04.
Contact: Jonathan Wu.

* Monthly Lecture Series
Description: Continue the EMBS-BMES Distinguished Lecture Series, targeting a larger undergraduate audience and engage members in selecting future lecture topics of interest to students.
Contact: Joia Ramchandani.

* BMES Buddies Mentorship
Description: Maintain the big-little sibling program, recruit new members, host follow-up events, collect feedback about how to improve the program.
Contact: Nupur Garg and Aparna Rao.

* Panel Discussions
Description: Host several panel discussions per year regarding relevant issues in BME, such as the pharmaceutical industry and the definition of BE/BME.
Contact: Lili Peng, Joia Ramchandani, Alexis DeSieno.

* Industrial Site Tours
Description:  Host at least one tour of a local biotech company.
Contact: Jennifer Fang and Prachi Jain.

* Career Fair
Description: Increase the representation of biotech companies at MIT recruiting events, either by sponsoring our own career fair or by working with the Fall Career Fair committee; create a career fair committee.
Contact: Lili Peng, Ojonimi Oncholi, Nupur Garg.

* Technology Fair
Description: BMES will co-host the Technology Fair planned for this January by contacting BME companies to attend.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno.

* Tutoring Program
Description: Develop a student-to-student tutoring program for BE/BME courses.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno, Nupur Garg, Aparna Rao.

* Mixers & Study Breaks
Description: Host several mixers & study breaks, some of them possibly with other engineering societies, such as Tau Beta Pi.
Contact: Nupur Garg, Aparna Rao, Alexis DeSieno.

Professional Development

* Abstract Submission to National Conference
Description: Invite members to submit abstracts to the National Conference and attend.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno.

* Student Research Symposium
Description: Host a student poster session in which students can share their research.
Contact: Joia Ramchandani, Jonathan Wu.

* Summer Internship Program
Description: Help create a summer internship program for BMES members; work with Dan Darling in BPEC on establishing contacts.
Contact: Jennifer Fang and Prachi Jain.

*  Resume Book
Description: Create a resume book for BMES members to be published on a CD and distributed to biotech companies.
Contact: Jennifer Fang and Prachi Jain.

Public Relations

* MIT Webpage Spotlight
Description: Develop a webpage and apply for an MIT spotlight to increase membership and forum use.
Contact: Emily Pfeiffer, Alexis DeSieno.

* BMES 10th Anniversary Celebration
Description: Host a large celebration and publicity blitz to increase visibility of BMES on campus.
Contact: Stephanie Reed, Alexis DeSieno.

* BMES Bulletin Board
Description: Maintain and update the BMES board in the Infinite Corridor.
Contact: Stephanie Reed.

* BMES T-Shirt Design
Description: Design a T-shirt for BMES members.
Contact: Stephanie Reed, Julie Tse, Alexis DeSieno

* Inter-Chapter Relations
Description: contact other BMES chapters and invite them to write for the BioTECH; possibly host an inter-chapter event.
Progress: 16 chapter contacts have been made: Brown, BU, Case Western, Columbia, Drexel, IL Inst. of Tech., Johns Hopkins, Rice, RPI, Berkeley, UCSD, UPenn, U. of Michigan, U. of Virginia, U. of Washington, U. of Wisconsin-Madison.
Contact: Judy Yeh.

* Prospective Students Host Interface Program
Description: follow-up with requests from prospective students and facilitate meetings with faculty and/or students with BME experience to share.
Contact: Nupur Garg and Aparna Rao.

* Community Service & Outreach Projects
Description: Host a community outreach program by maintaining our contacts at Roxbury Prep Charter School. Also create a video about BME professions for high school students.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno.

Department Development

* Updates on New BE Major
Description: Keep membership updated on progress of the new major; serve as a liaison between the BE Division and incoming/prospective students
Contact: Nupur Garg, Aparna Rao, Judy Yeh.

* Student Guide to MIT BE
Description: Publish an underground guide to BE and MIT.
Contact: Jonathan Wu.

* Research Opportunities
Description: Maintain a website with current UROP opportunities; facilitate the UROP process; create a form for opportunities to be submitted directly to the website; make contacts.
Contact: Ojonimi Oncholi.

* Applying to Graduate School Seminar
Description: Plan an applying-to-grad-school-in-BME seminar, led by Professor Linda Griffith.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno.

* Student-Faculty Lunches
Description: Host several informal and formal faculty student lunches.
Contact: Alexis DeSieno, Jonathan Wu.

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