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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

    Thanks a million times for putting your last issue online http://web.mit.edu/bmes/www/thebiotech_vol3no1.html.

    I have spent about two hours looking through it — it is so interesting because it really shows me ahead of time all the options there are once I get to MIT. For example, in the “‘Bio’ + ‘Eng’ Options @ MIT” section, I thought Christina Fuentes [Brain & Cog. Sci. major-BME minor] and Brian Chase’s [Biology-BE double major] combinations were really interesting.

    I have been, at least up to now, focused on biological sciences, and brain function is definitely an area I would like to study. I have been thinking about studying a biological science along with a more applicable connection, such as BME, BioE, or BE. I am also considering pursuing applied math (to biology) because I know that I have always wanted to combine math and science. And I’d like to be get into research right from the start as an undergraduate.

    I found it interesting that the engineering in BE is designed specifically for biology. I have always been interested in bioengineering, while not necessarily wanting to take classes that were focused on engineering alone without exploring the underlying biological principles. It seems like BE might be what I am looking for.

    Thanks for your publication. It really has opened a lot of options for me in respect to what I could accomplish at MIT.

Cristina Fernandez
Pine Crest School,
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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