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2.2.2 Commands and Functions for INT
abs absolute value of a number
AffHilbertFn the affine Hilbert function
ascii convert between characters and ascii code
AsINT convert into an INT
AsRAT convert into a RAT
binomial binomial coefficient
BinomialRepr, BinomialReprShift binomial representation of integers
ContFracToRat convert continued fraction to rational
CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem
CRTPoly Chinese Remainder Theorem on polynomial coefficients
cyclotomic n-th cyclotomic polynomial
date the date
DecimalStr convert rational number to decimal string
den denominator
DensePoly the sum of all power-products of a given degree
div quotient for integers
ElimMat matrix for elimination ordering
EvalHilbertFn evaluate the Hilbert function
exponents the list of exponents of the leading term of a polynomial
Ext presentation Ext modules as quotients of free modules
factorial factorial function
FactorMultiplicity multiplicity of a factor of an integer
first the first N elements of a list
flatten flatten a list
FloatApprox approx. of rational number of the form M*2^E
FloatStr convert rational number to a decimal string
FloorLog2, FloorLog10, FloorLogBase integer part of the logarithm
FloorSqrt (truncated) square root of an integer
format convert object to formatted string
GBasisTimeout compute a Groebner basis with a timeout
gcd greatest common divisor
GCDFreeBasis determine (minimal) GCD free basis of a set of integers
GenericPoints random projective points
Get read characters from a device
GetCol convert a column of a matrix into a list
GetRow convert a row of a matrix into a list
HilbertFn the Hilbert function
IdentityMat the identity matrix
incr, decr increment/decrement a counter
indent prints in a more readable way
indet individual indeterminates
insert [OBSOLESCENT] [OBSOLESCENT] insert an object in a list
InverseSystem Inverse system of an ideal of derivations
IO.SprintTrunc convert to a string and truncate
iroot integer part of r-th root of an integer
IsEven, IsOdd test whether an integer is even or odd
IsInteger check if a RINGELEM is integer
IsOne test whether an object is one
IsPositiveGrading check if a matrix defines a positive grading
IsPrime prime integer test
IsProbPrime checks if an integer is a probable prime
IsSqFree check if an INT or RINGELEM is square-free
IsZero test whether an object is zero
IsZeroCol, IsZeroRow test whether a column(row) is zero
last the last N elements of a list
lcm least common multiple
LexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
MakeMatByRows, MakeMatByCols convert a list into a matrix
MakeTerm returns a monomial (power-product) with given exponents
MakeTermOrd Make a term order matrix from a given matrix
MantissaAndExponent10 convert rational number to a float
MantissaAndExponent2 convert rational number to a binary float
max a maximum element of a sequence or list
min a minimum element of a sequence or list
minors list of minor determinants of a matrix
mod remainder for integers
NewFreeModule create a new FreeModule
NewList create a new list
NewMat Zero matrix
NewMatFilled matrix filled with value
NewPolyRing create a new PolyRing
NewRingFp create a new finite field
NewRingTwinFloat create a new twin-float ring
NextPrime find the next largest prime number
NextProbPrime find the next largest probable prime number
num numerator
NumPartitions number of partitions of an integer
operators, shortcuts Special characters equivalent to commands
partitions partitions of an integer
PowerMod compute a modular power efficiently
PrimitiveRoot find a primitive root modulo a prime
product the product of the elements of a list
random random integer
randomized randomize the coefficients of a given polynomial
RandomSubset random subset
RandomSubsetIndices indices for random subset
RandomTuple random tuple
RandomTupleIndices indices for random tuples
RandomUnimodularMat random unimodular matrix
RatReconstructByContFrac, RatReconstructByLattice rational reconstruction from modular image
RatReconstructPoly Rational reconstruction of polynomial coefficents
RatReconstructWithBounds deterministic rational reconstruction from modular image
RefineGCDFreeBasis refine an integer GCD free basis
remove remove an object in a list
RevLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
RingElem convert an expression into a RINGELEM
RingQQt pre-defined polynomial rings
ScientificStr convert integer/rational to a floating-point string
seed seed for random
SetRow set a list as a row into a matrix
SetStackSize secret ;-)
sign the sign of a number
SmoothFactor find small prime factors of an integer
SourceRegion read commands from a region in a file
spaces return a string of spaces
StarPrint, StarSprint print polynomial with *'s for multiplications
StdDegLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
StdDegRevLexMat matrices for std. term-orderings
submat submatrix
subsets returns all sublists of a list
sum the sum of the elements of a list
SwapRows swap two rows in a matrix
SymbolRange range of symbols for the indeterminates of a PolyRing
syz syzygy modules
tuples N-tuples
WithoutNth removes the N-th component from a list
XelMat matrices for std. term-orderings
ZeroMat matrix filled with 0