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  Summer 2004
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Summer 2004

The Task Force kicked off its summer activities with an intensive Work Week held shortly after Commencement. During the week, the committee welcomed numerous guests. Associate Dean of Engineering Dick Yue shared perspectives from the Engineering Council on Undergraduate Education (ECUE). Dr. Lori Breslow of MIT's Teaching and Learning Lab joined the group for a discussion of recent pedagogical research at MIT and other institutions. EECS Professor Hal Abelson, instructor of 6.002X, and Professor Martin Culpepper of Mechanical Engineering, who teaches 2.000, joined Task Force members Dava Newman (16.00) and Kip Hodges (12.000) in sharing their experiences with utilizing hands-on, interactive learning in teaching their subjects.

In addition, the members spent considerable time reviewing the work of prior committees regarding the goals of an MIT education and the principles that guide the teaching of our students. Their discussion led to the formation of four working groups. These groups convened over the summer and are continuing their work this fall.

These groups are:

Scientific and Technical Knowledge
Social Responsibility, Ethics, and STS
Fundamental Modes of Analysis

Re-Thinking Learning at MIT



Dava Newman, Chair
Eric Grimson
John Maeda
Albert Meyer
Kim Vandiver
John Velasco '05

Questions to Consider:

  • How do we decide what is good practice in teaching and learning?
  • How do we disseminate good practice once it is identified?
  • How can we make learning at MIT more reflective?
  • How do we develop students who are more mature learners and, therefore, able to adjust to varied learning environments?

For more information about each group's membership and key questions to answer, click on the group name,

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