"Gina eats babies."
- Everyone

Droopy's back.
Back again.
Droopy's back.
Tell a friend.
Droopy's back Droopy's back
Droopy's back Droopy's back...

"Gina, don't take this the wrong way but...
sometimes you sound like a Teletubby."

"Blah blah blah blah"
-Gina, in her teletubby voice

Gina: "In second grade I got really mad
at all those boys who sang I hate Barney songs...
Jeff were you one of those boys?"
Jeff: "Maaaybe.."
Gina: "Jeff!"

"Oooo! I love superlatives!"

Gina: "AHH! I was stuck in i-talics."
Jeff: "I-talics? Not italics?"
Gina: "What's wrong with i-talics? It has an 'i' in the front..."
Jeff: "So does 'it', but you don't say 'eyet'"

Corinne: "Gina.. look how much of my paper I have written...
and it's already 1 in the morning!" ::shows her 3 lines of writing::
Gina: "Corinne! you're stressing ME out!"

"Jeff! You just almost deleted my friend!"

Jeff: "Yes, I killed Santa."
Gina: "You killed Santa?! You can't even joke
about something like that!"

"My friend got attacked by a squirrel once,
but he didn't have his velcro open,
so it didn't stick."

"How do you get rid of a cation? You bring in a dog-ion!
My friend made that up in high school...
The teacher really liked it."

"Ow! Ow! I got a weird toe cramp.
I need to eat more bananas!"

"What a cool number! I wonder how many zeros...
it would like fill up this room."

"That’s not good! That’s like doing drugs!"
-Gina (Gina Re: Jeff trying to suck more whipped cream out of a bottle).

Gina: “They rhyme!”
Corinne: “Potato and apple?”
Gina: “No! root and fruit!”

“Hey! My grandma has those shoes! I was
looking at those feet thinking
‘where do I know those feet?’”

Gina: “AWWW!! So cute! I want one!”
Jeff: “They’re deadly bears!”
Gina: “I can take it and train it! And then when it gets bigger I’ll ride it!”

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