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Research Seminar in Technology, Archaeology, and the Deep Sea
Course Information

Prerequisites: General familiarity with ocean engineering or archaeology, or permission of instructor.

2-3 presentations 40%
Final paper 50%
Attendance and participation 10%

Class presentations: Each student will present material to the class two times during the term (depending on enrollment). This should be a 15-20 minute presentation, end with questions for discussion, and include the reading on the "optional" list as well as additional research. Outline of presentation should be handed out to rest of class, and in to instructor.

Course books and readings: The books for the course are available for ordering through the course website from See the coursebook page.

Much of the course reading consists of articles, which are available as Xerox packets from the instructor.

Final Project: An 20-30 page research paper which proposes new directions in the study of archaeology in deep water is due on the last day of class and is considered a major part of the course. More will be said about it when the time comes, but a one-page proposal/outline of the final paper will be due in early November, to allow for instructor feedback. Writing assignments will be graded on force of argument, clarity of presentation and relevance to course material. Proper citation practices should be followed throughout (ask if you are unsure of the details). Students will present their final projects to the class sometime during the last two sessions (November 30 or December 7).


Deep Water Archaeology Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave. Rm e51-194
Cambridge, MA 02139




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