Esplanade, Boston view



  • The program begins with 4 topical workshops on the morning of Monday, 11 October.
  • The plenary session, Nuclear Science Delivering for Society, will be held on Monday afternoon, followed by a special invited session.
  • The Womxn in Science Social, registration required, will be Monday between the workshops and the plenary session
  • Invited sessions, contributed sessions and minisymposia will be held all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday morning.
  • The CEU poster session will be held in Gather.Town Tuesday afternoon.
  • The conference adjourns on Thursday, 14 October.
  • The DNP Business/Town Meeting will be held Thursday after the sessions end.

The meeting will be held in Gather.Town, at The sessions can be reached either through a direct Zoom link or by entering the room for the session and joining the Zoom room from there by clicking 'x' upon entering the room. Each breakout room in Gather.Town is named to match the session room in the epitome. When entering the Zoom room, mute your avatar in Gather.Town to avoid feedback.

Gather.Town is ideal for interpersonal interactions, please visit the cafe for whiteboard discussions. The recreation room and beer garden are also available for interactions among participants.

The program is also posted in the entryway and throughout the lobby area.

When in the lobby areas, please visit our booths from the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) at Brookhaven in Lobby East and Lobby West and the APS journals booth in Lobby East.

The NNDC, a PuRe data resource for low energy nuclear reaction science and technology, is an excellent resource for all kinds of nuclear data. The booth will be staffed throughout the meeting by members of the NNDC staff. They look forward to meeting with participants and providing more information about the important and exciting field of nuclear data.

The Physical Review Journals Marketing team, including Bob Sumner ( and Kenny Newberry ( will be staffing the APS Journals booth throughout the meeting. They are available to discuss PRC's newly expanded scope, which includes instrumentation research. Other APS journal staff may also be available at the booth, especially during the poster session.

If you are unfamiliar with Gather.Town, everyone has an avatar that moves through the space. You can move around within the space using the arrow keys on your computer. When you get close to another person, you can hear and see them and join their discussion as you like. Areas on the floor marked with a padlock are private spaces where you can hear only the people in your immediate vicinity. Your name appears at the bottom of the screen along with the option to view a map of the area you are in. You can search for other participants, send them chats to meet you in a certain area, and also find where other participants are and follow them.

To view the booth materials, posters, and graduate student fair exhibits, as well as the posted program kiosks, move your avatar (named with your name and personal pronouns, if desired) to the object, which will glow when approached. Type 'x' to interact with it, e.g. to view the program or booth material. A screen will open up showing the posted objects.